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Hall of Fame-Back and Back...
potionsprincess wrote in fs_challenge

Pardon the lateness of this post, real life must occasionally intrude.  Here are my picks for the Back and Back and Back to the Future Challenge.

 by larissadawn  I love the cropping and color, plus I'm a bit of a Zhann freak, so extra yay in that regard.

by scifi_girl_13 I was in between choosing this one and the one of Aeryn and Matala, but John pushed this into the win column.

 by potionsprincess

Of the three I did, I really liked the coloring and textures of this one the best, so that's why I picked it.

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Again you should pick out one for yourself!
That way, people who use the HOF as a summary get a true representation of the entrants :D

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