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Mod's Choice and New Challenge!
potionsprincess wrote in fs_challenge
Since the diary's been rather dead as of late, I figured it was time to shake things up a bit with a character challenge.

The first CC will focus on Chiana and the main rule of a character challenge is that any images/media created must include the challenge character. That means images may be used from any episode of any season. 

As always, please place any images larger than a thumbnail, or image groups under and lj cut.  Thanks for all the participation so far, and good luck with the new challenge!

 by larissadawn

The color and the texture made this one my favorite of the first post.

 by larissadawn

I really liked the emotion captured in this scene, because it's one of the first times Aeryn is vulnerable in the series and Zhann's there to take care of her.  Plus the text is an added bonus.

 by potionsprincess
It was difficult to choose between this one and my other, because they're so different and I like them both, but the composition of the scen pushed this into the favorites column for me.  I love that you can pretty much tell what's going on, just from the expressions on the character's faces.


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