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It's No Contest: Episodic and Thematic Challenges for Farscape

Mod's Choice and New Challenge!
Since the diary's been rather dead as of late, I figured it was time to shake things up a bit with a character challenge.

The first CC will focus on Chiana and the main rule of a character challenge is that any images/media created must include the challenge character. That means images may be used from any episode of any season. 

As always, please place any images larger than a thumbnail, or image groups under and lj cut.  Thanks for all the participation so far, and good luck with the new challenge!

Exodus From Genesis
Excuse my ridiculously late entries for the challenge, finals intruded.

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Exodus From Genesis (post #2)
Veronica (Heathers)
Exodus From Genesis (post #2)

I posted a few older icons here but I finally got a new computer and decided to make new icons (and FO Banners) for this challenge.

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Exodus From Genesis...
Veronica (Heathers)
Ok so my home computer is still dead, but I did find a couple of icons from this episode. Hopefully I'll be ordering a new computer this weekend - cause I'm going through icon withdrawal ;)

Exodus From Genisis

{See, I told you it would be posted shortly ;) }

In the middle of one of the crew's shouting matches, a PK Marauder zips by the ship, and strange space debris begins to infiltrate Moya. Suddenly clones of the crew start popping up all over the place, Zhann becomes possessed by a spawning monarch and Aeryn starts to lose her cool in the wake of rising temperatures. It seems as if things couldn't get worse, until the Marauder reappears....

Like always:

I, E.T. Images
A few entries for the I, E.T. challenge.  Thanks to everyone for participating, and the next challenge will be posted shortly.

Reminder: 1x04 I, E.T.
pure emotion [Lost jack/juliet]
Only a few days left for the current challenge
I'd love to see more people enter

Caps and rules are HERE if you need them!

Hall of Fame-Back and Back...

Pardon the lateness of this post, real life must occasionally intrude.  Here are my picks for the Back and Back and Back to the Future Challenge.

s1 - I, ET
As they would say in the Farscape universe... my computer is FRELLED! hehe... So here's some old icons that I had from the last time this ep came around. Will check to see if there were others I had made though....

And yes - 4 are of the same damn cap ;)

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1x04: I, E.T.
pure emotion [Lost jack/juliet]

Now it's time for challenge 4!
I'm so pleased to see this community off to a great come-back :D

Episode synopsis:
The crew are being deafened by the sudden alarm of a Paddac Beacon - a Peacekeeper device that is still implanted in Moya. Since the crew broke off Moya's control collar to free the ship and themselves, the collar's signals haven't been received and now, after a predetermined time, the Paddac Beacon has sounded.

It's not just sound either as it's using Moya's hull as a system for broadcasting a signal telling Peacekeepers exactly where Moya is. There seems no way to remove the device so Crichton suggests they land Moya in a planet's swamp to muffle the signal as much as they can.

On the planet, Zhaan and Rygel try to cut the device free of Moya while Crichton and the others search for an element that will help ease Moya's pain during the operation.

Unfortunately, Moya's dramatic landing has been spotted by the natives - who have never before encountered alien life. Crichton, hardly familiar with aliens himself, has to convince the natives to help - all the while knowing that Moya is sinking into the swamp and may not survive long.

Throne for a Loss Screencaps:
Hidden Memories
Farscape World image gallery

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This challenge will end in two weeks on the 10/11th March.
As a rule of thumb, if the Hall of Fame hasn't been posted yet, even if the next challenge has, it's fine to post for the previous challenge. If you are about to post and find that the Hall of Fame has just been posted, it's also fine to post still.
Just for those who may think we're not kind and lenient Mod's, or aren't used to challenge communities!

Back and Back...

Back and Back and Back to the Future Challenge


Hello my pretties, just  a wee reminder that the challenge ends in about week, so post em if ya got em. 

Back and Back and Back to the Future
Veronica (Heathers)
LOL - so because of this community, I got an urge to start watching my Farscape DVD's and have been doing a marathon of the eps for a few days now (after work), am about half done with season 1 - totally forgot how much I loved the show :)

So I guess thanks for opening back up the comm :) And now for the icons (and a FO Banner).....

Back and Back and Back to the Future

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Throne for a Loss Hall of Fame
fear [fs aeryn sod]
Great entries as always! I really love that we're getting a nice steady flow of people entering, it's satisfying :)

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Thanks for entering everyone!
I look forward to seeing what you all come up with for the next round.


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