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It's No Contest: Episodic and Thematic Challenges for Farscape

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Exodus From Genisis
potionsprincess wrote in fs_challenge

{See, I told you it would be posted shortly ;) }

In the middle of one of the crew's shouting matches, a PK Marauder zips by the ship, and strange space debris begins to infiltrate Moya. Suddenly clones of the crew start popping up all over the place, Zhann becomes possessed by a spawning monarch and Aeryn starts to lose her cool in the wake of rising temperatures. It seems as if things couldn't get worse, until the Marauder reappears....

Like always:

The Rules

1) All icons, wallpapers, graphics, and vids submitted for episodic challenges must pertain to the current challenge. This means you can't incorporate images from other episodes into your work, even if they've already been covered. Thematic challenge submissions must pertain to the current theme, however any relevant images may be used regardless of episode.

2) Comment, comment, comment! We all love to know our work is appreciated, even if people don't take our stuff. So always comment any time you feel moved to say anything even if you want to offer suggestions, just be polite.

3) Credit: give credit where credit is due. Let people know where you got your caps, your brushes, your fonts. And if you take anything, be sure to follow the poster's rules for their art. This means no stealing. Stealing is bad, and you will be kicked out for doing so. 4) If you're posting, please indicate preferred image usage in your post and be specific so that there's no confusion. If your stuff's display only, or up for grabs, let us know. Customizable? You got it: let us know.

5) Personal journals: You want to link to your journal? Great!! But please, follow these rules: A) Give us some sort of teaser to let us know what we're looking at. B) Indicate in your link that we're going to your journal and link directly to the post itself. C) If it's friends-only please indicate this in the post as well.

6) LJ-Cuts: Use an LJ-cut if you post more than three icons, or if you have graphics bigger than a thumbnail preview. If there's a chance your work contains questionable material such as profanity, character-bashing, etc., please also indicate this in the cut as well. If there's any questions on content please ask a mod.

7) See something you really like, but aren't sure how to do it for yourself? Try a couple things: 1) ask the artist. Chances are, they can give you lots of tips. 2) Check out the comms icontutorialsand icon_tutorial. Both have extensive tutorials, especially in their memory sections, and are worth their weight in gold.

8) Hotlinking is bad. Don't do it. If you need to display graphics of any kind, get yourself an account at PhotoBucket. They're easy, and best of all, free. And yes, this holds true if you want to nominate something. Some people have to pay for their bandwidth, and we don't want to cost them money, even if it is to show off their lovely work - because, trust me, people get very very angry with hotlinkers, no matter why they were hotlinking. It won't be pretty for you when they - or we - find out.

9) Confused about these rules? As always, just ask the moderators. We'll be happy to clarify anything you need.

Resources On LJ: Communities:

Users (links to brushes, fonts, scans, etc.):
dtissagirl  teh_indy  ignited  quebelly  _jems_ 


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